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Ganit Park was established in 1979 and was the first company in Israel
to manufacture and install integrated playground equipment and garden furniture
for public parks and gardens.
Today, still a leader in its field, Ganit Park invests significant resources in constant
new product development. Special emphasis is placed on the use of advanced materials
and modern high quality design for optimal functionality combined with visual attractiveness.

Main Activities

Ganit Park has an extensive range of products manufactured from metal, timber,
rope and high density polyethylene. All of the equipment is made to the highest quality
and specifications to ensure all the products are suitable for their environment, as well
as providing longevity and durability. Close attention to details during the manufacturing
process, ensures that all products leaving Ganit Park''s factory, conform to the highest
safety standards.

Major Shareholder: Mr. Ran Gerlich.

Number of employees: 40

Main Products

Playground Equipment

The Metallic Color System & The Metallic 2000 System – a modular range
of galvanized and powder coated metal playground equipment. The range utilizes
a highly successful clamping system to incorporate a large selection of activities,
bridges and tunnels combined with the specially designed triangular platforms.

 The Meron System – a modular range of junior play equipment constructed from
a combination of timber and steel components, which offers an attractive play structure,
with added strength. A comprehensive range of play activities and attachments is available.

Playground Equipment for Handicapped

Playgrounds equipment for Pre-School and Kindergarten

Teenage Range and Sport Devices – Ganit Park has a new and exciting
range of equipment specially designed to meet the needs of a modern teenager
and a Sportsman. Within this line, the wide range of equipment includes both metal
and timber elements. 

Open air physical training modules

Shadowing and pergolas

Street Furniture – Ganit Park has an extensive range of seats, benches, litter bins, planters, picnic tables, notice boards and shelters.

Rubber Surfaces for Safe Playgrounds

"Mini-pitch” & sports games courts 

Gan-Ganit Ltd

Gan-Ganit Ltd is a daughter-company of Ganit Park Ltd, which specializes
in the field of kindergarten indoor & outdoor equipment.
Pre-School and Kindergarten Interior Equipment by Gan-Ganit has a wide range
of interior equipment for the pre-school age group children that include furniture,
play corners, and educational aids. This product line characterized by its bright
colors and high standards of quality and safety is made up of modular units to
facilitate functional partitioning of the learning space. This allows for the development
of varied activities such as "the hospital corner", "the dolls corner", "the kitchen corner" and more. 

Ganit Park is located in 2,300 sq.m. facilities in the Caesarea Industrial and Business Park. These modern premises included a production line, spare parts warehouse, nationwide installation center, corporate offices and permanent showrooms.


Ganit park Ltd
6 Odem Street, P.O.Box 3060
38900 Caesarea Industrial Park, Israel.
Tel: 972-4-6230555
Fax: 972-4-6274564

Gan-Ganit Ltd
6 Odem Street, P.O.Box 3060
 38900 Caesarea Industrial Park, Israel.
Tel: 972-4-6230562/3
Fax: 972-4-6274531  


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